Words are powerful.

Wordcraft is analogous to embouchure technique for the flute.

Medium contributor Martin 2021 wrote a piece on Notes & Nodes. It made me look at nodes in the context. In my study I chanced on Nodus Labs Infranodus and creator Dmitry Paranyushkin.

I took an account for Infranodus and rapidly discovered the discourse analysis tool was a great adjunct to my note reviewing. The tool is intuitive and documentation spot-on with helpful coaching from DP.

I tried Infranodus on two projects. The first President Macron’s discourse for the Bicentenary of Napoléon Bonaparte. …

I (non-clincian) was roused two nights ago from my bed to head a first-responder for multiple trauma in a subject

my assess but don’t move impression =
HI + concussion
?bleed rear skull
cervical, lumbar and femoro-pelvic serious trauma

put out crash call
PM crash team arrived 45 min at 10.35pm when I stepped down

24 post-trauma surgery outcome = stable

Thanks Kambiz for my ATLS participating non-clinician Trauma Auditor opportunity years ago even to critical airway trachæ on bio-tissue

Zeal and alarm can easily derail first-responder ATLS if basic principles fail

Admiration and gratitude for good UK Trauma Medicine…

Thanks Omella Pisanie for my Traveler’s Notebook and the Roman Bronze Oxidised ink. I like them.

The word ‘traveller’ is attractive; the Mandarin of it is fascinating 羁 the character decomposition recalling halter, reins, leather, horse, explorer.

These are cogent for my quinquennial anniversary today in the town of Henfield.

Writing about my thoughts is a sort of belief; the English etymology of the word ‘believe’ is quite beautiful even if uncertainty for it still abounds.

One association with ‘leaf’ – growth thriving – despite a charge of ‘speculative semantics’ caused Shakespeare to express -

This is the state of man; today he puts forth the tender Leaves of Hope, tomorrow Blossomes.


Acknowledgement OED

Scrib&stile sent me my Lamy aion today.

English design rarely surfaces now; sure, there are plenty of have-a-go’s, but a mature blend of German Japanese and English tastes in a masculine object – a pen – is unique.

The recent addition to the Lamy range is the aion; life-force..

The proportions and interpretation with its material say two things:

the designer is gifted

the instrument: serviceable with elegance.

Jasper Morrison is the designer and Thos. Wagner teased some thoughts from him



the right material


quality to awaken the senses

the new

the memorable for daily life


Today is World Book Day 4 March 2021 – the theme is “Share a Story”..

In a hamlet of Tinpahar there was a devout Tulsi Mala Maker. His fame spread all over India. His Mala were awesome. He was constantly working.

One day before the Monsoon, there was a great commotion outside the Mala Maker’s workshop: the Maharaja of Malda had arrived and demanded to see the artisan.

“Mala Maker, you are quite famous and I have come to engage your skill. You see this”, said the royal visitor holding a dazzling object, “this is a precious Ranaghat ruby.” …

I haven’t come across coverage in the Western Press of the 13th National Party Congress of Vietnam in Hanoi 25 Jan to 2 Feb 2021.

One of the aspirations from Day two was to develop a prosperous happy Country.

I’ve got three attractions around this

Food Safety

Management of War-legacy residues

Welfare of the two delta regions Red River in the North, and Mekong in the South.

The challenges for food safety in Vietnam are monumental. (Stark-Ewing 2018)

My graphic is based on eye-balling a dragnet haul in the Mekong Delta for which a quick estimation of the 20kg total…

Three wanderings tinged with spirituality fascinate me.

North of Sikkim eastward skirting the Himalaya on the south perimeter over Assam Myanmar Laos and into Vietnam.

From Lhasa northeastward to WuTaishan.

From Bengal through Myanmar Laos Cambodia and to Vietnam.

The first of these 2,000km wanderings could have a pedigree easily over a millennium involving amorphous groups of Hill Tribes driven by inquisitiveness.

For my focus these groups offer tenacity and a spirituality I trace in Hố Chí Minh’s hermeneutics of his Prison Diary a legacy auspicious for the imminent 13th National Party Congress and the Lunar New Year of the…

black tea

the merchant sent Vietnamese Black Tea

the aroma was mild cured tobacco

someone said

veterans and scholars drink this tea

they must have meant romantics


20 January 2021

Christophe Fernandez

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